The Johns Island Council is made up of 4 committees including Transportation & Infrastructure, Planning & Zoning (Land Use & Environment), Community Assistance, and Education.

Transportation & Infrastructure Shall gather information, report and make recommendations on issues relating to traffic, road construction & maintenance and public transportation.

Planning & Zoning (Land Use and Environment): Shall gather information, report, and make recommendations on Planned Development (PUD), Changes to Land Use and Zoning and their impact on traffic, water, sewer,  trees, wetlands, storm water, tidal flooding and wildlife and other infrastructure needs.

Community Assistance Shall provide information on Public and Private Resources available for residents in need of childcare, legal aid, rental subsidies, transportation and charitable organizations offering assistance. *This also includes Public Facilities, Parks, Schools, Fire Stations, Libraries, etc.

Education Shall work with the local k-8, middle and high schools to understand their needs and how the Johns Island Council can assist. Committee shall also work with high schools to identify Johns Island students eligible to receive scholarships. The Committee will collect applications, evaluate, select and award scholarships based on the developed criteria. Responsible to ensure checks are sent to the appropriate Universities or institution of higher learning.

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